Release Notes


  • Add missing support for Carbon Stitching Radius interval to Carbon Garment Processor.
  • Fix bug in Carbon Stitching and Carbon Welding where points at distance of Radius Min and Radius Max were not included. For example, this happened when Radius Min was set to 0 and Carbon Cloths were stitched in a configuration where the points on the stitching edges were at the same location, i.e. a zero-distance stitching.


  • Turn Carbon Stitching and Carbon Welding Reference Radius into an interval (i.e. Radius Min and Radius Max). Radius Max replaces the previous Radius value.


  • Enable Mesh Deformer creation using a 3D driver and matching flat panels as reference.


  • It’s great to be at 1.0.0 with this awesome plugin. We hope you enjoy using it as much as we do.